Filiera produttiva

The first and foremost goal of our farm is production quality. To obtain this quality the production chain is followed carefully during each production phase:  grounds preparation, sowing, transplanting, irrigation, pest treatments and crop harvesting.

Our product quality associated with the production is carried out:

- with respect for the environment and in accordance with the agricultural practice laws outlined in the GLOBALCAP protocol;

- furthermore, we operate in observance of the regional laws and

- establishing defense strategy for the assessment of the presence of parasites and on the selection of active substances according to the criteria of effectiveness, degradation, classification and commercial format to safeguard auxiliary insects;

- using a variety of methods such as good seed, mulching, drop irrigation, means of organic farming (useful insects), making regular checks during crop growth;

- through the use of fertilizers according to the needs of the crop and of the phenological stage of the plant, and by paying particular attention to the control of the nitrates.

The traceability of the products is guaranteed through careful record keeping in the farm logs which contain the identification data of the products and the crop operations which are made on each singles production lot.

After undergoing the requisite two-year conversion period, the company now boasts a small acreage designated for organic farming. An increase in organic production is a future objective.