Extended cookies policy

In line with Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data and EU Regulation 679/2016, the user must be informed about the use of cookies on the site, both technical profiling, and consent to the use of profiling.

This site uses technical cookies to improve the user experience on the site, may use third-party cookies and even profiling cookies for sending targeted advertising messages, in line with the user's preferences. For profiling cookies, including those of third parties, the consent of the visitor is required. Please check the cookies used through the banner visible on any page of the site before giving consent to the treatment.

What are cookies

In general, cookies are small text files containing information that the site server visited by the user sends to the user's device. The same server will re-read them at the next visit to obtain data of various types. While browsing the site can also be received cookies from different websites or servers, the so-called third-party cookies, ie set by a different site from the one on which you are browsing. This is because on the site there may be some elements that reside precisely on different servers.

Cookies, usually present in users' browsers in very large numbers and sometimes even with long temporal persistence, are used for different purposes: execution of computer authentication, monitoring of sessions, storage of information on specific configurations concerning users that access the server, choice of the language of consultation, storage of the shopping cart, etc.

Pursuant to the provision n. 229/2014 of the Privacy Guarantor, two macro-categories are therefore identified:

TECHNICAL COOKIES. Technical cookies guarantee the correct operation of the site and a better browsing experience to the user. They are cookies that are always sent and make sure that each section is well displayed. They are all always used, regardless of user preferences as no prior consent is provided, and include:

- session and browsing cookies, useful for the normal use of the website, also used by our site, contain the information that is used in your current browser session; these cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Nothing is stored on your computer after the time of use of the site.

- feature cookies, which allow navigation to the user based on a series of criteria, such as those for the language;

- analytical cookies, used directly by the site operator to collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and how they visit the site;

- persistent cookies, stored in the visitor's device and that help him to reconnect to the site at the beginning of a new session. They are used to maintain the information that is used in the period between access to the website, or used for technical purposes and to improve navigation on the site. This data allows sites to recognize that you are an already known user or visitor and adapt accordingly. "Persistent" cookies have a duration that is set by the website and can vary from a few minutes to two years.

PROFILE COOKIES. Profiling cookies are used to send advertising messages targeted and appropriate to the preferences that the user has expressed during his navigation on the site. Create a personalized profile based on the pages visited. Because of the particular invasiveness that such devices can have in the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation requires the user to be adequately informed about their use and express their valid consent. The art. 122 of the Privacy Code where it states that "the storage of information in the terminal equipment of a contractor or a user or access to information already filed is permitted only on condition that the contractor or the user has given his consent after have been informed with the simplified procedures referred to in Article 13 of the Privacy Code, paragraph 3 ".

First-party cookies

These are the cookies installed by the same site operator that the user is visiting (c.d. "first part"). First Party Cookies are created and readable by the site that created them. This site uses first-party cookies of a technical nature, for which, as mentioned, there is no consent, but only this information.

Third-party cookies

This site does not use third-party or profiling cookies, nor cookies that can identify the user or that can track personal data.

How to disable browser cookies

Again, remember that disabling one or all cookies, the functionality may be reduced or not available. Below are links to detailed procedures for disabling cookies from individual browsers.

The owner does not guarantee that the links above are always working, and this because of any updates that do not depend on his will. The owner is not responsible for any malfunctions or conditions that do not allow the aforementioned web pages to be consulted.

Legal references

This information is prepared in fulfillment of the obligations set forth in Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46 / EC, as well as the provisions of Directive 2002/58 / EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136 / EC, regarding Cookies.

This information concerns only this site, and is accessible from every page of the site itself by link in the footer.

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Last updated: May 2018.